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Ellie calls Carver to say Mark's fingerprints were found in the beach house. Carver and Ellie ask about blood on his fishing boat and his fingerprints at the summer house near the crime scene.He claims the blood is from Danny, who cut his foot on a lure during a family fishing trip.This prompts him to offer comfort to the community.At the police station, Ellie and Carver watch footage of the parking lot near the crime scene to see Mark waiting for someone.Raymond approaches Beth with a message from beyond the grave, and tells her Danny was killed by someone close to the family, in a boat.

Chloe tells her boyfriend Dean that the cocaine was found.She gets upset when he insinuates it will come back on him.She walks away and meets Renee, who gives her a phone number for future use.Having known the Solanos for years, Ellie deals with her own personal struggles as well as the Solanos'.A crime scene officer says the crime scene was altered to look like an accident, and the pathologist says Danny was killed by blunt force trauma to the head.

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Carver and Ellie disclose the cause of Danny's death to the Solanos, and Mark identifies the body.