Who is dating matt damon

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Who is dating matt damon

He co-founded the organization H20 Africa, which supplies drinkable water to impoverished countries on the continent, as well as Not On Our Watch, which fights to bring attention to human rights violations around the world.15.His recent role in HBO's "Behind the Candleabra," in which he played Liberace's (Michael Douglas) lover, was his first non-fiction role.The actor 's interview with James aired on This Morning today, just days after the former Saturday Kitchen host revealed he has a new woman in his life and is "happily dating".During the chat, James asked Matt about how he buffed up to reprise his role as Jason Bourne in his latest spy thriller, and admitted his own shortcomings in the gym.Damon got his "revenge" earlier this year when he held Kimmel hostage and took over his show for a night.14.Aside from being funny and talented, Damon is also a humanitarian.The relationship ended in a very public and cringe-worthy way when Damon denied having a girlfriend during an interview on the Oprah Winfrey Show. The actor was also romantically linked to Winona Ryder.The pair began dating shortly after his awkward break-up with Driver, and were even engaged for a while.

The TV host handed out a pack of bottled to beer to Matt after they talked gym tips and James admitted he will never be able to emulate the actor's rock-hard abs.

James started by praising Matt over his lean physique in the film, saying: "You got seriously trimmed up for this..." The Hollywood superstar then explained that the movie's director Paul Greengrass ordered Matt to achieve "a level of fitness that you haven't been at before." James sympathised with Matt and insisted he could never get in such good shape even though he is only a year younger than the 45-year-old actor.

He said: "[You're] 45 years old, I am a year behind you and I am never going to look [like that]." Matt then confided to James that going to the gym every day and restricting his diet "kind of sucked".

A few years later, Damon landed his breakout role in "Courage Under Fire," opposite Denzel Washington, in which he played a war veteran and heroin addict.

Damon lost 40 pounds for the role and almost died because of it.

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But, legend has it that Ryder broke-up with damon for Mark Wahlberg. He once was quoted as saying, "What I want to do is a character-driven porn movie.