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Additionally researchers had to come up with new statistical variables such as ‘effective range’ and ‘hit probability’ to be able to perform objective comparisons.To conduct ballistics evaluations of a new American round (due to lack of any quantities of actual experimental 5.56 ammo) a ‘hybrid’ was created.They were asked to reduce bullet dispersion and increased hit ratio.Achieving this would normally necessitate reduction of recoil impulse and cartridge power factor.5.45×39 is a great example of how Cold War Arms Race stimulated new arms development that otherwise would have been put-off indefinitely.

By the end of 1959 Soviet engineers had at their disposal two experimental 5.56 cartridges (that later would become known as M193).

This, in turn, led to the development of a new type of powder and as a result caused change in shape and dimensions of the cartridge case itself.

To better the aerodynamics of the bullet it’s length was increased substantially compared to the American bullet.

They were also asked for the new cartridge to have increased penetration and lethality.

This in turn would call for increase in bullet mass and cartridge power factor.

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Experimental barrels were also made to replicate twist rate that of an American AR-15.