Dating service in wi

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Dating service in wi

In lakes where Cylindro has been detected, blooms typically occur any time between late July and late September.Cylindro is different from many other blue-green algae in that it does not typically float to the surface to form scums.Blue-green algae, like true algae, make up a portion of the phytoplankton in many water bodies.However, blue-green algae are generally not eaten by other aquatic organisms, and thus are not an important part of the food chain.

It is not always the same species that blooms in a given waterbody, and the dominant species present can change over the course of the season.True algae (e.g., green algae) are very important to the food chain.They are known as "primary producers", a name given to living organisms that can convert sunlight and inorganic chemicals into usable energy for other living organisms.Nutrients, particularly phosphorus and nitrogen, can be carried into water bodies as a result of many human activities, including agriculture, discharge of untreated sewage, and use of phosphorus-based fertilizers and detergents.Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii, also referred to as "Cylindro," is a blue-green algal species that is not native to Wisconsin.

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Recent reviews of archived samples by DNR scientists have shown that Cylindro has been present in some southern Wisconsin lakes dating back to the early 1980s.