Billionaires club dating

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Billionaires club dating

Whatever Ivanka is thinking at this point, here is a summary of how her social network could bring her name into the Russia scandal.Jared’s business dealings Ivanka’s 36-year-old husband, through his family’s own multibillion-dollar business, has some loose connections to Russian business interests, according to the New York Times, including an investment from billionaire tech investor Yuri Milner in a real estate investment company.Maybe that’s because she never had any official role in Trump’s campaign and has yet to take an official position in her father’s White House.But does her lack of official title mean she wasn’t privy to some of the inner workings of the campaign or isn’t knowledgeable about his web of international business connections?

Then again, broadcasting these friendships won’t do much to quiet the Marie Antoinette comparisons because they center around what appears to be a chummy network of billionaires who enjoy, among other things, vacations on different people’s luxury yachts.Broadcasting these connections also comes off as politically questionable as her father, family and the Trump administration face mounting questions about conflicts of interest and their dealings with a country that interfered in our presidential election.Either Ivanka is naive, tone deaf to “optics,” or a master at compartmentalizing.On Sunday, August 14 the New York Times issued an explosive report on a secret cash payment of .7 million that had been earmarked for Trump’s then-campaign chairman and chief strategist Paul Manafort.That .7 million came from a pro-Russian political party in Ukraine.

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It looks like the controversy over President Donald Trump’s associates having questionable contacts with Russian officials isn’t going away anytime soon.

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